ARC5D: The NEW Estimating Solution for ARCHICAD

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Now You Can Derive Quantity Takeoffs & Cost Estimates from Your ARCHICAD Models Throughout the Project Lifecycle!

ARC5D Introductory video (8 min. 27 sec.)

Introducing ARCHICAD AMT+C5D MasterTemplate -
Estimating Made Easy!

John Hallgarth of ContraBIM creates a new ARCHICAD project AND generates a cost estimate in just 20 minutes using the new AMT+C5D MasterTemplate. This template is part of ARC5D, the new Estimating Solution for ARCHICAD, co-created by Eric Bobrow and John Hallgarth.

Suitable for projects of any size, fully customizable, with both USA and INT (metric) versions available.

ARC5D Magic! ARCHICAD Quantity Takeoffs & Cost Estimates in Seconds on a Real 10 Story Project

Watch closely as John Hallgarth demonstrates how ARC5D effortlessly generates cost estimates from a real 10 story ARCHICAD condo project.

Integrating 3D model data with Excel, ARC5D is the first and only ARCHICAD estimating solution that enables users to derive quantity and cost reports throughout the lifecycle of a project, from concept through working drawings.


Use this Excel Worksheet to develop a 5-Minute "Target Based Estimate". Enter the gross area of your project, then for each line item plug a gross unit cost value.

Watch as the totals and graphics automatically adjust to your inputs. Verify your total allowable hard costs, as well as soft costs typically added as below the line %'s.

This tool can helps you see the big picture of estimating and bottom line totals, while spreading details over each trade of construction.


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Eric Bobrow and John Hallgarth

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This short video explains how the Target-Based Estimating Worksheet functions. You'll see how easily you can edit target costs and other data, and instantly see the changes recalculate and update the graphic display of breakdowns and totals.

Free Online Training - ARC5D - The New ARCHICAD Estimating Solution

ARC5D is the first integrated ARCHICAD estimating solution that enables users to easily derive quantity take-offs and cost estimates throughout the project lifecycle. In this 90 minute presentation, you'll learn how to set up your ARCHICAD model to  produce target budgets in early conceptual design, then accurately track components and building materials as the model develops into detailed construction drawings.

If you've ever wanted to get detailed quantity take-offs and cost estimates for your ARCHICAD models, now you can do this yourself! Watch this fascinating presentation to learn the key principles as well as the interlinked tools and step by step methods that make this possible, and even fun, to implement.

A recording of the presentation (AIA CEU approved) is available FREE in the website member area.

ARC5D is based on the ground-breaking work of John Hallgarth (ContraBIM and 3D Constructor) and the Best Practices methodology and MasterTemplate framework created by internationally recognized ARCHICAD educator Eric Bobrow. It provides a practical, easy to implement, flexible and comprehensive approach to an area that has been a tantalizing dream yet an extremely challenging puzzle for users. 

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The Creators of ARC5D

Eric Bobrow is an internationally recognized ARCHICAD educator who has worked with the program for 30 years as a trainer and consultant.

His ArchiCAD Tutorials channel on YouTube has over 30,000 subscribers and reached a ground-breaking 4.1 million views. It is the most popular ArchiCAD video resource outside of Graphisoft's own channel.

His firm Bobrow Consulting Group (BCG) was U.S. ArchiCAD Reseller of the Year in 2000, ranked in the top 5 nationally for 10 years, and was awarded Graphisoft Platinum VAR status during a successful 20 year run, before he switched gears to focus on training and consulting in 2010.

Bobrow created and continues to develop and maintain the Best Practices Course, a comprehensive online training resource for ArchiCAD users, as well as the QuickStart Course on ArchiCAD Basics.

MasterTemplate, the Office Standard for ArchiCAD, is the most widely-used independent template system for the software, embedding best practices principles into the structure of the project files to increase efficiency, optimize productivity, and improve consistency and graphic quality.

Bobrow is the founder and producer of the MASTERS of ARCHICAD SUMMIT and TRAINING SERIES as well as the ARCHICAD USER website.

John Hallgarth is an ARCHICAD enthusiast from the commercial construction industry in Southern California.

For the past few years, he's been developing a Design-Build template for ARCHICAD, better known as ContraBIM. This template leverages ARCHICAD in a unique way, focusing on bridging the gap between design and construction. 

John has developed some really useful tools for generating quantity reports that link together with Excel for developing model based estimates. This quantity and cost estimating workflow has been packaged up into C5D, or ContraBIM's 5D Estimating. 

John worked closely with Eric to create a version of MasterTemplate (AMT), pre-loaded and enabled with C5D.

This combined template (AMT+C5D) allows MasterTemplate users for the first time to take advantage of the work developed through ContraBIM.

John teaches the methods and best practices behind ContraBIM's 5D workflow in the Quantity and Cost Estimating Course offered as part of ARC5D.

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