ARC5D Step by Step

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The ARC5D Step by Step video library documents the raw process of applying ContraBIM's C5D workflow on top the MasterTemplate Example project.

These videos dive into the details of each step, and are full of tips, tricks, surprises, and problem solving along the way. Most videos are in rough format and show the application without being edited down. (Edited versions may come later).

These bonus videos are available to registered members of the ARC5D Quantity and Cost Estimating Course. For more information and to purchase the course, template or implementation coaching, please visit the ARC5D Solution page.

  • Part 1 - C5D Import and Initial Setup (5 Videos) 
  • Part 2 - Target Based Estimating (5 Videos)
  • Part 3 - Cost Loading Model Elements (50+ Reports)
  • Part 4 - coming soon -Excel Estimate Template Formulas 
  • Part 5 - coming soon - Best Practices

Additional notes on the step by step videos will be added in the near future.