ARC5D Implementation Coaching

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Program Description

As you start to implement ARC5D for your ARCHICAD projects, you're likely to have many questions. This coaching program is designed to fill in the gaps and give you support for extending, customizing and troubleshooting the setup so that you can get what you need in place.

We will discuss and give guidance for how to work with the AMT+C5D MasterTemplate, and also give tips for how to build out the Quickstart Kit from the Quantity and Cost Estimating Course .

Our aim is to enable you to generate quantity and cost reports from project files and deliver added value at every stage of design and construction. 

Course Logistics

This program is presented as a series of weekly webinars on Wednesdays 11 am US Pacific time in October and November 2019.

Recordings of each session are posted here in the member area, along with download links for various resource files.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email