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AMT + C5D USA Template

AMT MasterTemplate with ContraBIM 5D Estimating

Eric Bobrow's MasterTemplate and Best Practices Methodology, combined with John  Hallgarth's C5D Estimating Workflow.

A beautiful marriage that helps ARCHICAD users get even more out of their BIM projects.

AMT+C5D comes with a pre-loaded library of model elements, ready to grab and use within your next project. Use these as a starting point, and modify as needed to fit your design intent.


Hotlink into your Project Template file, and eyedrop model elements to start with the correct settings.

  • Common Interior & Exterior Wall Types
  • Floor & Roof Assemblies
  • Stair & Railing Objects
  • Windows & Doors
  • Casework and Fittings
  • Fixtures & Equipment

AMT+C5D Reports & Estimating

AMT+C5D comes with over 50 cost and quantity reports all setup and ready to be used for reporting into the C5D Estimate Template.

This special Macro-Enabled Excel file allows you to refresh ARCHICAD reports directly onto working sheets. Update a single cost report, or update all of them at once.

This estimate structure helps ARCHICAD users organize their projects into typical trades of construction, all centered around the USA standard CSI Masterformat classification systems.

Breaking down the reports into logical packages makes it easy for users to understand, and separate out costs into line items making up a summary workflow.

Estimate Across Design Phases

The C5D Estimate Template allows you to create early target budgets utilizing GSF Zones, and then later compare model based quantity takeoffs and detailed cost estimates.

This flexibility allows users to transition costs from early projections, to known details once determined and modeled correctly for takeoffs.


AMT+C5D International Version is available for ARCHICAD Users around the world who work in Metric Units. The main difference between the USA Version, and INT Version, is the LEGENDS file. This file contains several additional standards for wall and floor assemblies, commonly used around the world.

AMT+C5D Example Project - Residential

AMT+C5D Example Project - Commercial